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Blue Molds® products for your interlocking concrete blocks and retaining walls projects

Blue Molds® series of products are designed and manufactured to produce large interlocking concrete blocks for your retaining wall projects.
The molds are available in many forms so that a wide range of concrete blocks can be produced. The large studs on the top of the concrete blocks fits perfectly and provide simple connection so the blocks can be stacked without use of mortar.

interlocking concrete block with anchors and lifting clutch for easy handling steel molds for interlocking concrete blocks production

Our competence for your interlocking concrete blocks and retaining walls projects

With our range of products you can produce interlocking concrete blocks for many applications such as: building retaining walls, storage boxes in agriculture, storage bays for aggregates, storage bays for recycling plants, building boundary walls, building structure walls, landslide rehabilitation, securing road slopes, fire protection walls on recycling plants, etc.
This is also the most effective way to make excess concrete usable and to create added value from concrete waste.

Be creative and use this the most efficient and easy to use system of interlocking concrete blocks to finish your projects.
Permanent or temporary structures can be fast and easily build. No use of mortar or any additional material. All you need is flat and stable surface. Installation starts as soon as the blocks are delivered on site.
In last few years more and more security barriers and fences are made with this type of concrete blocks. This is efficient system for permanent or temporary access or traffic management and control.

Interlocking design increases stability of the build wall and ensures easy building and alignment. Blocks are strong, very durable, maintenance free, fire resistant, flood resistant.

With our unique “Beam through” solution you can connect blocks with reinforced mesh for greater stability of the wall.

magnetic steel recess former and anchors use in steel molds

Blue Molds® stands for our competence for right solution that meet your needs!

magnetic steel recess former and anchors use in steel molds betonblokken

Why to choose Blue Molds®?

Blue Molds® is a true one stop shop for all your needs regarding interlocking concrete blocks projects.

Blue Molds® mechanical clamp/gripper, lifting tools and accessories.

Way to move and use your finished interlocking blocks safely and easily.
In order to safely and easily lift-up, move and use finished concrete interlocking blocks we offer you mechanical Clamp 800/600. It is easy to use with one man operating and automatic clamping mechanism. Please click here to see operating video.

molds9 molds10

Think sustainable. Think concrete blocks. Think recycle concrete.

Concrete is the single most widely used material in the world. It is the world’s second most consumed resource.
Blue Molds® products can be used to effectively reduce concrete waste and to create new products and added value. Don’t spill excess concrete just pour the molds and make use of finished concrete blocks. For concrete blocks production you can also use recycled concrete aggregates.
It is our goal to help reduce concrete waste.

Our steel molds are suitable for serial production and are the most effective solution for reducing the flow of excess concrete, which arises at every location where we work with concrete.
This can be small amounts of concrete left on the bottom of the of the truck, or more significant quantities not used by the customer on the construction site. This residual concrete must be recycled. The amount of residual concrete in the world is more then 130 million tonnes per year.

Blue Molds® offers the solution to reduce concrete waste to a minimum.

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