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About us

Throughout the decades of experience in the production of equipment and spare parts that have been implemented in various industrial fields including civil engineering, various questions have arisen. As a consequence of accelerated industrialization there are constantly increasing demands for large-scale concrete production in the world, while the negative consequence of this development appears in the form of inadequate waste management.

Blue Molds® represents a production line which, apart from economic factor, offers quick, efficient, quality and environmentally sustainable solution. Blue Molds®products are characterized by a high level of quality and endurance in various conditions of exploitation. The entire production is completely automatized and based on the most modern technologies, which guarantees constant quality. Additionally, it is possible to produce a complete range of concrete blocks with minimum costs thanks to the modularity of the products. We enable economic viability with Blue Molds® solutions both in small, individual products, as well as in the automated serial production.

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